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End repetitive monotone tasks

At QLERQS (pronounced like "clerks" ), we help you save time, money, and energy by relieving you of strenuous, boring, and repetitive work, allowing you to have time for the things that matter.


We believe that people should follow their dreams without being disturbed and use their entire energy for meaningful activities.


That's why, in everything that we do, we relieve you of the strenuous, boring, and repetitive work.


We automate business processes, especially in the field of bookkeeping.

Welcome to the Future

Bookkeeping is a necessary business process. It allows you to keep records and track of your business activities. Ultimately, it provides you with details with which you can determine the success level of the business. Entering data and balancing records should not take many hours. We believe that there are better uses of your time, creativity, and energy.
As a solution, we present you a Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which you can use to automate the accounting processes.

Our Services



The core of our services is the use of RPA to design and develop bookkeeping robots. We are not providing new software for bookkeeping. Instead, we automate the process, removing the unsavory repetition that comes with it.

Our robots use the existing software that your company uses and carries out the bookkeeping as before. You need to provide these robots with information to train them. The robots check how similar invoices were booked, and they will use this information and style to book the new invoices.



Due to the RPA technology we use, many processes can use our automation solutions. As long as the activity is repetitive, has a clear procedure with a small number of exceptions, and time-consuming, we can automate it for you and your business.

Some examples of the processes and activities that we automate are: taking data, filling forms, collecting documents, sending similar emails to groups of people, and creating HR documents. We work together with you to identify the business processes that can be automated and deliver you a personalized solution.

Why Engage QLERQS

RPA Not necessary to move to new software

Not necessary to move to new software

We know that moving to new software is always difficult and costly. You may need to pay for the software. There is also the training cost of teaching your accounting staff how to use the new software. Lastly, the transition of moving from one software to another may delay the execution of some tasks.
With our bookkeeping robots, you can keep the existing software that you use.

RPA Allows for More Creativity in the Workplace

Allows for More Creativity in the Workplace

When using our bookkeeping robots, you get better efficiency in your workplace. While the robots handle the bookkeeping part, which is less qualified and repetitive, you can devote human creativity for other purposes. This also gives you the time to focus on more complex activities.

RPA Saves Labor Cost

Saves Labor Cost

By working with a robot, there are massive cost savings. The robot works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost of the robot work is less than that for a human doing similar work.

RPA Periodic Checks and Control

Periodic Checks and Control

It is always possible to check what the robot has done and if necessary, to correct it. The robot will learn from your corrections and apply the knowledge next time.

Previous automation

  • Different programs need to communicate with each other. This communication requires new software or programmed interfaces to allow communication between the programs.
  • Most systems and programs face integration problems when there are transitioning from one program to another. Interfaces are often incomplete.
  • Changes require additional knowledge and time to learn new technologies. Some people tend to be skeptical about change.

RPA based automation

  • We use cutting-edge Robotic Process Automation technology, which solves these problems totally.
  • In the same way as a human can work with different software, take information from one, and use it in another, the same does the robot.
  • Our robots directly use the user interfaces created for humans. The existing technology remains the same, and people can continue working in the same way as before.
  • The robot is just a new “employee” doing the most time consuming, tedious, and repetitive work. That allows human resources to bring more value to your company by doing other activities.

About Us

QLERQS is a tech company devoted to helping businesses of different types and sizes optimize their operations and increase productivity. We do this by using the Robot Process Automation (RPA) technology to automate the business's activities and processes.

We pride ourselves on the use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to help businesses remove the repetition in their processes. We understand the need for businesses to be creative and innovative. Thus, we provide robots that take over the business's monotonous aspect while allowing humans to direct their creativity to the business's development.

We design and develop robots for different business processes. These include bookkeeping, taking data, filling forms, collecting documents, sending similar emails to groups of people, HR documents, and many other activities. As long as the process can be automated, our robots have got you covered.

While we have some already programmed robots for you, we offer you also for you personalized solutions.

Thus you need not worry about getting new software and organizational system.

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